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What's behind vintage jewellery?

Etymologically speaking, the term "vintage" means "harvest" and refers to a remarkable year for wine. But the world of jewelry also has its particular periods during which singular collections were created and are the object of covetousness, like a good vintage or a good year. Reflecting authenticity, vintage jewelry is a rare, precious, retro object, an exceptional vintage that has been brought up to date. This feminine jewel, from a bygone era, dated, memorable, is all the rage in today's fashion.

From yesterday to today, why wear vintage jewelry ?

Wearing a vintage jewel is choosing a period jewel. Loaded with history, it is necessarily prestigious. It reflects a particular moment in the history of fashion, and history with a capital H. The one, collective, of which we have a testimony through an object which crossed the time. It is also loaded with history, the intimate history of a woman we will probably never know. She who, yesterday, slipped this ring on her finger, adorned herself with a necklace or a pendant, with shiny earrings or who adorned her clothing with a precious brooch. We repeat the same gestures as her, we feel the emotion that ran through her decades earlier. All that remains is to question the jewel to guess what it carries, what anecdote, what love or family history it hides, and to penetrate its confidential universe to pierce the secret it conceals.

Which vintage jewel for you?

From the jewel Tank (1936 to 1950)...

Named after the tanks, the Tank jewel has given birth to surprising, atypical designs, especially on jewelry . Never has the real been so represented in the art world. And the jewel does not want to be a precious piece, shifted, spared by the vicissitudes: it illustrates, it evokes, it denounces. It is no longer content to be ornamental, it recalls the memory, pays tribute and conveys a message. The woman, it, implies, even engages. The Tank is placed on her finger, clinging to her neckline and leaves her with a massive, imposing and powerful look, salvific at the time. Tarabiscotated, heavy, voluminous forms, full curves roll up and spread out imposing themselves. The war has left its mark on women's jewelry.
The designs of the vintage Tank jewelry also tell of this troubled time that we want to remember only so that it does not come back. The nightingales and birds of paradise that adorn brooches and pendants are caged: the door, closed during the war, opens upon liberation. Geometric designs, strongly articulated, almost rigid, recall the caterpillars of the tanks on the bracelets which, themselves, are large, imposing, voluminous. The tubogas mesh, which evokes gas pipes, intertwines on the necklaces, and is definitely linked to everyday life. The rings break with any idea of lightness and refinement and take on volume, in memory of those heavy years, difficult to wear. Gold, a refuge value before the war, when tensions were rising, enters into the composition of massive pieces.

... to vintage jewelry from the sixties to the seventies

The 1960s-1970s ring is also known as the Vintage ring. Made of precious metals, its yellow, rose, and white golds take on the appearance of a crumpled, hammered, chiseled, grainy, even oxidized texture. The spiky shapes seem to place the stones randomly, asymmetrically. The bouquet forms are set with precious stones, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and fine stones, opals, uncut rock crystals, amethysts, agates; these materials in abundance and the shimmering colors she takes on give her an unequalled intensity and a unique sparkle. Bold, extravagant, exuberant, this decade's vintage ring is sure to be noticed on your finger!

Vintage jewelry tells its own story and has its own identity. Wearing this complex, precious, prestigious piece of jewellery, with its unrivalled charm, gives you the opportunity to write the next chapter. Far from being outdated, it is definitely trendy and its originality never goes unnoticed. An exceptional piece, carefully crafted by the jewelers of the time, it gives importance to the individual history that vintage jewelry can bring, but also to the collective history to which it pays tribute. With vintage jewelry, history invades the world of women's jewelry, women's jewelry pays tribute to those who wrote history.