Always before the time...

In Sovillier, Switzerland, farmers assemble watches to supplement their meager incomes. They work for Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who, at the age of only twenty-four, has founded a watchmaking company. It became one of the most important manufactures of the nineteenth century: its reliable, ultra-thin, high-precision, everyday pocket watches perfectly met the expectations of its customers. Among the most prestigious were those of the "Tir Fédéral", the "Société Suisse des Chemins de Fer" and... Tsar Nicholas II himself. With international success, the company moved in 1937 to Geneva, a business hub. However, it had difficulty recovering from the Second World War and slowly declined. The company, which had remained in the family since its foundation, was taken over by the Scheufele family in the 1960s. Karl Scheufele III restores its reputation. Caroline Scheufele, in the eighties, forged the Chopard identity by opening up the world of fine jewelry.

Chopard Signature

Chopard brings all its expertise to its creations, the fruit of meticulous research and the choice of noble materials. The result is impeccable craftsmanship for optimal comfort, both to the touch and to the wearer. This is the origin of jewelry , the result of traditional know-how. But the creative spirit of the House is involved, and classic techniques rub shoulders with innovative cutting-edge techniques; above all, the need to bring a feminine touch to satisfy you gives each piece its specificity, its singularity, its originality. Work and inspiration meet, technique and emotion merge into ever more beautiful pieces. 

A Chopard ring, for what occasion?

To wear a Chopard ring is to initiate a new art of living in which preciousness, beauty, and grandeur find their place in all daily occasions. Responding to the aspirations of today's women, Chopard demonstrates an extraordinary talent for combining chic and casual, elegance and comfort. Women are grateful for this, as they magnify this jewel created to sublimate them, in the first place, in all circumstances.

High jewelry collection

Unique pieces for exceptional women. It is with the greatness, nobility and beauty of women that Chopard dialogues.

Delicate and precious like a woman, the ring Precious lace ring unfolds like a charming corolla that time does not alter. Like lace, this jewel is light, fluid and airy.

The animal world, instinctive, wild, colorful, varied and rich as nature, is placed on your finger with delicacy. Animal Worldis the enchantment that penetrates your daily life, the magic that invades an enchanted bestiary.

Stones freed from the setting that keeps them in a fixed and secure place, this is the feat of Magical setting. And the beauty unfolds in an immense flower paved with the best intentions and the most precious stones.

Aesthetics rhymes with ethics... Green carpet deploys its superb collection in an ecological case.

Luxury and pragmatism, elegance, delicacy, splendor and everyday life, this is the challenge taken up for You by For you.


Jewelry collection

Chopard also lights up the jewelry world with iconic pieces that reflect the natural light of women. 

A heart for a woman who listens to her feelings, mobile diamonds to let their light spread. Happy hearts puts emotion in a box and frees it to move joyfully.

Diamonds that have escaped from the setting and move freely and happily, these are Happy Diamondsdiamonds that are as happy as a woman is when you let her be what she is.

For a free and sensual woman, all in softness and curves, the impeccable geometry of theIce cube with square facets and a strict edge... This paradox combines urban elegance and femininity and allows the light to refract infinitely as it escapes from the icy blocks.

Imperial and imperious, it is necessary to pay homage to the woman and to underline her richness and her majesty, her softness and her nobility.

It is Diamond HourWe have a wide range of products and services to offer you, yet we could use them at any time of the day... Our excellent craftsmen allow you to do so by putting the fruits of their know-how and the richness of their talent at your fingertips.

Chopardissimo exults, proud as she is to embody the spirit of the House of Chopard. Never has the logo been worn with such femininity.

The Chopard ring collection delicately wraps gold or platinum wires around your finger, mounts brilliants, stones, diamonds, delivering them to you for eternity. Your hand moves freely but it has captured the beauty.