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InTemporal and unsettling, silver jewelry seduces us with the pure beauty that gives them the color of money. In particular, the Silver rings sublimate our hands Effortless daily. For you, Castafiore carefully selected and authenticated old rings, vintage and second hand made from this precious metal on the naturally bright and bright surface.

The silver ring, a jewel as solid as it is refined

The etymology itself of the word " silver reflects the aesthetic dimension of this noble metal. From Latin "argentum or from the ancient Greek" argós, money is synonymous with brightness and brightness. If the expression " Epistle with a silver spoon in the mouth is so common, it is also because the money, as a precious metal that is visually recognizable among all, symbolizes wealth and ease. With gold and platinum, it belongs to the group of eight metals that resist corrosion and oxidation. Investing in a Silver ring, it is thus to make the choice of a jewelry universally recognized for its beauty and for its quality.

A subtle blend of white and grey, the silver is, moreover, a symbol of harmony and elegance. While gold is traditionally equated with the sun, the money is rather designated as the representative of the moon. A silver ring, however, emerges from something eminently solar, perhaps because the neutral hue of the silver harmonizes with the most varied carnations and helps to enhance any precious (semi -) precious coloured stone.

Thanks to Castafiore Find your future silver ring Preferred through a selection of precious jewels and bearers of a singular history. Give a second life to a ring, signed or not, with unquestionably authentic charm. Made from high quality manufacturing materials, including 925 silver alone or combined with gold, or even diamonds, the silver rings from our product catalog are resistant to the test of time and will surely be the privileged partners of your future adventures.

Take care of your silver rings in a few simple gestures

Over time and the stories we live with our finger jewels, our silver rings are likely to lose some of their brightness. Their beauty depends, in part, on the way we maintain them.

The first good habit to take is to prepare before putting on his rings in silver. Even more than any jewel in silver, our rings are weakened by the products we handle, from cosmetic products to household products. The simple contact of our rings in silver with water or sweat has a negative influence on the aspect of our jewels. To remove the rings before taking a shower, to do the dishes, to dive into the pool or to start a sports session is therefore a necessary gesture to adopt on a daily basis.

For Clean your rings in silver Softly, have a used toothbrush and soft cloth. Apply a bit of baking soda on the lightly wetted brush and gently scrub your jewelry, before you wipe it just as delicately. In this way, offer your rings in silver the opportunity to reveal their natural shine and to dress elegantly your hands.