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Among the four precious stones, emerald is prized for its intense and sophisticated green color . It has spanned the millennia, rare and refined, embodying the renewal and vivacity of nature. Because of its beauty and symbolism, it constitutes the perfect present and the jewel of a lifetime. Find the emerald ring of your dreams in the Castafiore catalog, at the best price thanks to our selection of old, vintage and second-hand jewelry.

Emerald, a precious stone with refined symbolism

Only four stones are described as “precious”: the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire and of course the emerald. The name of the latter comes from the Greek “Smaragdos”, meaning “green precious stone”. It was, according to legend, the favorite gem of Queen Cleopatra . Associated with the natives of May , it displays a powerful and deep green color, embodying the beauty of nature. The intense green of this stone from the beryl family comes in various shades, from a very light shade with yellow reflections to a dark, almost black green, including a bluish green. The colors vary depending on the deposits and geological circumstances, which impact its composition.

A symbol of rebirth and fertility, emerald is also linked to love and wisdom. The emerald, often mounted in a ring, is appreciated for the virtues attributed to it. The Aztecs associated it with spring renewal and the quetzal bird, recognizable by its long green feathers. The stone, then called “quetzalitzli”, had the reputation of carrying within it qualities of regeneration and union with nature. The emerald crosses traditions, even the Arthurian legend which tells that the Grail was carved from this stone or set with its shards.

Each deposit has its own emerald, whose color varies depending on the quantities of chromium, vanadium, iron, beryllium and alkaline. These different minerals are found in various layers of the earth's crust and their encounter is an exceptional phenomenon, which justifies the rarity of the gem. It is therefore particularly prized, especially as it comes in many shades which make emerald a stone always unique. Each ring has its own signature, thanks to a rare and refined stone.

Offer or treat yourself to an emerald ring, an ideal choice

Emerald is a gift suitable for many occasions. It makes the ideal engagement ring , but it can also be offered at Christmas or for a birthday: there is no shortage of excuses. With its green color of a thousand and one shades, emerald, always a unique stone, easily provokes crushes. The Castafiore catalog is full of splendid models, signed or not, in a wide variety of shapes and styles: band ring, signet ring, garter, bangle, marquise, pavé or even solitaire.

On certain occasions, offering a piece of jewelry set with emerald takes on its full meaning . This precious stone is in fact associated with 40 years of marriage , the emerald wedding anniversary. It is therefore fitting to mark the occasion with a luxury piece of jewelry, enhancing this refined gem. The ring, which is closely linked to love and the couple, is the ideal present. It thus places the continuation of the marital adventure under the most beautiful auspices.

The emerald ring is a gift of choice for those born in spring, because of its strong attachment to nature and its rebirth. It is also associated with several astrological signs, such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. If you are looking for a symbolic present, this gem is perfect. In Chinese astrology, it is suitable for those born in the year of the Rat, i.e. 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and more recently 2020.

How to care for a vintage emerald ring?

Emerald is rare and more fragile than other precious stones. With its hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale , it resists scratches quite well, but impacts can damage it. It is therefore essential, to take care of your emerald ring on a daily basis, to be careful. We therefore avoid wearing it in certain situations: at the swimming pool, in bed, when washing dishes or taking a shower, or when carrying heavy objects.

It is best to keep your emerald ring away from heat. Indeed, the stone has natural inclusions and small cracks, all elements that we call “garden”. They are essential, and it is for this reason that jewelers generally treat the gem with an oil which, by penetrating, reduces the visual impact of these slight natural imperfections. Too high a temperature could reduce the oil concentration and alter the appearance of your emerald.

To care for your emerald ring , we advise you to avoid chemicals, dishwashing liquid and ultrasonic cleaning. Prefer washing with soapy water. Most of the time, using a simple, soft cleaning cloth is sufficient. It is also possible to polish your emerald with cedar or sweet almond oil to make it shine. Finally, store it in an individual case, to protect it from collision with other jewelry.

Find the emerald ring of your dreams at Castafiore

Rare and so unique, emerald is a stone that obeys the vagaries of nature. You can then fall in love with a ring, which is and will remain a unique piece. If you want to treat yourself to an authentic piece of jewelry, at the fairest price, browse the Castafiore catalog. Our sales platform brings together a refined selection of old rings (before 19650), vintage (more than 20 years old) or pre-owned and therefore second hand.

Since 2022, Castafiore experts have been authenticating magnificent luxury pieces, with or without a signature. You will find jewelry from the biggest jewelers, such as Boucheron, Cartier, Mauboussin, Piaget or Van Cleef & Arpels. Our process allows us to guarantee the quality and value of your emerald ring, which is just waiting for you to begin its second life.

By purchasing an old, vintage or second-hand emerald ring , you are opting for an object steeped in history. Each piece of jewelry thus carries values ​​of eco-responsibility and transmission, which Castafiore strives to enhance. Do you have a ring set with an emerald and want to part with it ? Castafiore assesses your piece, sets the fairest price and presents it in its luxury jewelry catalog.