There Lalaounis ring occupies a privileged place among the pieces in the Maison's collections. The fruit of a technical investigation of the past, the culmination of inventiveness, it is this signature piece that makes jewelry what it is.

The Lalaounis signature

The claw Lalaounis is found in the originality of each jewel mixed with the loyalty of the House to a prestigious heritage. Opulent, grandiloquent, grandiose, the ring Lalaounis knows how to remain confidential. Each piece is a masterpiece that seems to come from far away but to which we feel close.

A Lalaounis ring, for what occasion?

It is those who turn to a precious heritage, while giving pride of place to creativity, who speak of it best. It's up to them to decide when and for what occasion to slip the Lalaounis ring, this jewel equipped with a language to express the link that unites modern women to their history.

Lalaounis know-how

Resulting from ancient techniques perfectly mastered and applied to the exceptional material that is gold, Lalaounis ring plays on the plasticity of the precious metal and its unalterable character at the same time; just as it relies on the passing of time to make it eternal.

Meticulously set on the surface of the gold, gold beads form an exquisite pattern using the technique of Granulation.

More than ever, fine gold is the subject of scrupulous work since the Hand weaving transforms this solid material into a soft texture. An unbroken thread is woven between yesterday and today.

Weaving is still on the agenda in an openwork version or as ornamentation with techniques of Openwork filigree Or Surface watermark.

We push the refinement by working the gold until forming a lace with Opus interrasile.

The precious metal, worked in reverse, no longer hides its reliefs with Rejected.

This perfect mastery of famous techniques is only there to be forgotten and to let you contemplate on your hand the ring Lalaounis from your heart.

The collection Fine jewelry of Lalaounis presents masterpieces for you to casually slip onto your finger. Because greatness is meant to be experienced; the past, brought up to date.

Iconic pieces like rings hand hammered neolithic, mosaic Byzantine, cigar-style granulation, rub shoulders with heritage pieces: rings dome Byzantine, Byzantine rose window, curling snake. Others are desired: these are the limited series pieces, Rock pigeon pellet ring, water lily hand hammered ring or the ring aquamarine Rosetta Nebula.

THE Lalaounis Rings, as the House itself calls them, perhaps to underline an unwavering link between the woman of yesterday and the woman of today, take names evocative of a grandiose past: Aurelia, Snake, victory Wreath, Pastoral, Theodora, Nubia, Hercules, Helen of Troy, Neolithic, Animal Kingdom… Rich in everything that precedes them, they are a promise for women in the present.

An ancestral know-how is perfectly mastered and reproduced with rigor; it is put at the service of an original design which happily reconciles heritage and modernity with ring Lalaounis.