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The seal of the past has given Lalaounis his signature...

Signature Lalaounis

With Lalaounis, antiquity blows the model which will sublimate the current woman that you are. A concentrate of ancestral techniques, mixed with a will to push back the limits of its art by leaving the beautiful part to the creativity, express the indefectible link between the inheritance of humanity and its future. The woman of yesterday continues to set the tone. Close, intimate, familiar, she bequeaths her shimmering golds to you so that they roll voluptuously around your wrist in a symphony of lights and materials with the Lalaounis bracelet.

A Lalaounis bracelet, for what occasion?

Born of a passion for the greatness of the past, the Lalaounis bracelet flows onto your wrist to accompany you in your daily life, or shine superbly for you in the great moments of your life. Embracing the multiple facets of the contemporary woman, this feminine jewel serves her in all aspects of modern life, because it has come from afar only for her.

The Lalaounis know-how

Precision, patience and skill are the key words at Lalaounis, which uses the most demanding jewelry techniques, sometimes dating back to millennia before our era. This ancient know-how creates jewelry timeless pieces: full of history, they are very contemporary in their design.

Age-old techniques are faithfully employed with rigor.

Delicate gold beads form a pattern by being set on the surface of the gold, with the Granulation. Multiple formed links form a harmonious chain, and this is the Hand Weaving. Gold wires are woven, Openwork Filigree, or they delicately adorn the surface of a jewel like embroidery, Surface Filigree. Pierced, the precious metal forms a gold lace with Opus interrasile. Repoussé works the reverse side of the gold to give striking reliefs.

From this ancestral know-how are born jewelry of an unequalled richness which enter the Haute Joaillerie collection of Lalaounis... and also in the legend.

Iconic pieces such as Hellenistic double lion head bracelets , Byzantine cuff bracelets or hand hammered Neolithic bracelets wrap around your arm with nobility.

Heritage pieces that inherit a glorious past are brought up to date: the arabesque cuff bracelets, Neolithic ball, filigree rush Hellenistic make current the splendor of the past.

For the most demanding, limited edition pieces, Hellenistic bracelets, Hellenistic double lion head or Hercules knot granulation are created.

The jewelry collection is also rich in splendid treasures for the exceptional woman that you are. It is declined in a collection with evocative names: Snakes, Aurelia, Theodora, Nubia, Helen of Troy, Hercules, Helenistic, Neolithic...

Iconic, these creations are a never-ending source of inspiration, but they take care of the smallest detail and magnify even your delicious wrist.

The House of Lalaounis, famous for its exceptional know-how that is ageless, crosses the ages to offer you these jewelry creations that bring you the grandeur of the past by anchoring it in your daily life. A feminine jewel par excellence, the Lalaounis bracelet makes you a great lady, just like the exceptional figures of yesteryear.